Perfect Portugal Villas with a Swimming Pool

Who doesn’t want to own their dream home? Your dream house is definitely located in one of the most exotic places and has all the luxurious amenities that you will need to live comfortably in it. The concept of a dream house can be different for different people according to their requirements. For some it may be a villa while others will give preference to flat. For the others, they may not care about the villa or the flat and may be more concerned about what’s inside the house i.e the interior.

Recently, the demand for having a swimming pool within the house premises stood up in the Portugal real estate market. The Portuguese dreamed of villas in Portugal with a pool . Accordingly, the builders in the Portugal reacted back to this demand and started constructing villas with pools either over the roof top or in the lawn of the villa.

This demand flooded up amongst the tourists too and renting of these villas during holiday trips became something usual. People, who earlier used to give villas on rent, got a pool constructed in order to now rent out their villas at higher prices. Staying in a villa with a pool during your holiday trip can be pretty enjoyable where you can make use of the pool and enjoy the moments in complete privacy as compared to using a public swimming pool.

Cyprus’ Top Tourist Resorts!

The island of Cyprus is a distinguished tourist haven for visitors who are looking to experience some of the most beautiful beaches, cool Mediterranean climates, exceptional Cypriot Cuisines and stunning sceneries that are unique to this Island. Not only are they lots of tourist resorts to choose from, but with great online deals on offer at this time of year, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find one that matches your family’s budget. Whether you’re looking for accommodation overlooking the sea, or family rooms with great facilities for kids, let’s take a look at some of the most popular tourist resorts in Cyprus.

Atlantica Hotels

Atlantica Hotels Cyprus

This group of hotels, with branches in Limassol, Ayia Napa and Paphos, are one of the best companies to stay with when holidaying in Cyprus. Popular with honeymooners as well as families, the Atlantica Hotels are mainly influenced by Greece design and tradition, offering spectacular Mediterranean cuisine and historical themes throughout. Furthermore, if you book into one, that also means you can use the facilities at any of the other Atlantica Hotels on the island too!

Hilton Cyprus

Hilton Cyprus

The Hilton Cyprus Hotel, located on Archbishop Makarios III Avenue in Nicosia, is certainly one of the top resorts on the island, and if you’re got the money to spend, a stay here will be well worth the cash. Popular with couples, this Hilton resort offers a large outdoor pool to enjoy, as well as heated Jacuzzis and massage rooms. A holiday at the Hilton doesn’t have to break the bank either, try and cut your travel expenses by using a comparison site like The cool Mediterranean climate, as well as private balconies, all combine to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxing, and there’s plenty for the kids to do here too. With free wifi, great room facilities and a luxury restaurant all under one roof, the Hilton Cyprus is a fantastic place to stay.

Le Meridien Spa and Resort

Le Meridien Spa and Resort cyprus

Located in the Cypriot town of Limassol, Le Meridien Spa and Resort offers some of the best accommodation and catering services on the island. From wedding conferences to spa services, group events to exclusive rooms, this resort is able to cater for big groups as well as small families, and the rooms are highly furnished too. Although this is more of a corporate resort, it still offers standout facilities as well as prices to attract guests from all over the world.

St. Raphael Resort

st raphael resort limassol cyprus

This award winning resort located in the Cypriot town of Limassol is the pinnacle of tourist accommodation on the island. With five star services, St. Raphael Resort is a few meters from one of the blue star accredited beaches of Cyprus, and there are many natural monuments and features in the surrounding area too, so an evening walk is a must. Furthermore, the staff here very welcoming, and no doubt provide the best catering services available in Limassol. Exclusive lounges, great restaurants and state-of-the-art conference centres are just but a few of the top class services you will find at the St. Raphael resort, but be sure to book early as room prices go up in the New Year.

Seven Reasons to Stay in a Villa for Your Holiday

Staying in a hotel on your holiday can provide you with friendly staff to deal with your requests and the companionship of other guests. However, there are also potential downsides to contend with such as crowded facilities and unwanted noise. Because of this, many people are choosing to rent private villas from a site like Quality Villas for a more enjoyable holiday experience. Here are 7 reasons why they do so:

Price – One of the main benefits of villas is the great deals you can find for an extended time away, especially during an off-peak season. Villas are generally cheaper to rent as they cost less money for the owners to run. You will probably be paying a weekly or fortnightly rate rather than per day which can also bring the price down.

Stay in a Villa

Food In respect to your overall costs, you won’t be stuck with extortionate hotel prices for food either. Paying for family meals every day can really dent your overall budget, whereas cooking in the villa with food bought from home or the local supermarket will be much cheaper.

Privacy – Whereas some people may enjoy the company of the fellow guests in a hotel, others may simply want a peaceful, relaxing and isolated time away. A villa provides privacy for you to relax in where you can sunbathe and swim without that sense you are being watched. (more…)

Fake Holiday Villas a Dangerous Problem This Season for UK Holidaymakers – Don’t Get Scammed

Scams are everywhere, and the travel industry is far from exempt. But if you’re going to look at traveling this high season, you need to be aware of some of the scams circulating the industry right now. The Telegraph recently reported that there is a rash of fake holiday villas being advertised on places like, where villa owners can advertise their holiday rentals to tourists passing through the area. As you can imagine, this is a situation that’s ripe for scamming. If you live in England but make your holiday in Spain, what’s going to actually protect you from getting ripped off on a nice villa?

Staying in villas has become a holiday preference over time, given that it’s like having a home literally away from home. This is preferable to having to deal with hotels all of the time. Even though there are some pretty nice hotels, chances are good that you don’t want to spend your entire holiday away from home in one of them. This is understandable, and it has given rise to plenty of villas.

Holiday Villas

Yet many UK tourists are getting ripped off by phony listings that ask for deposits to be paid and then the rest of the balance quickly…with a discount of course. Thousands of pounds down the drain, and an unhappy holiday has been born.

Here’s how to avoid this from becoming your reality. You want to make sure that you take out separate travel cover to protect yourself in case your holiday villa isn’t what you think it is. You also want to make sure that you call the number and talk to someone that is associated with the rental. Bonus points if the number is the same on every advertisement. Look for sites that verify the villa directly. This cuts down on the likeliness that you’re going to be running into problems getting the booking to go through.

Some tourists decide to make a small deposit up front and then put the rest of the cash in the hand of the villa owner when they arrive. This is still tricky because many villa owners do not want to run the risk of not having their booking fulfilled, or be without the money at the last minute. You’ll have to work things out.

If a deal on a villa is too good to be true, trust us — it really is too good to be true. People often get caught into scams because they get greedy thinking that they’re going to be able to beat out the competition on a highly sought after villa. This isn’t the case at all, and it creates problems down the road. You’re better off avoiding all of this misery by employing a little common sense.

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to soak up the sun. Why not check it out today, while it’s still on your mind? Good luck!

Flights to Larnaca

Cyprus has a classic Mediterranean climate, enjoying hot summers and mild winters. The main season is from April to October with the busiest period being July and August, this is also when prices are at their maximum. If you can avoid the school holidays then June or September may be the best time to book your Larnaca flights. It still has a fantastic temperature in these months but you can miss the worst of the crowds and the prices.

The majority of people traveling to Larnaca will be using it as a gateway to their holiday resort and pick up cheap car hire from the airport to get to areas such as Ayia Napa, Limassol, or Protaras. However, there is plenty to see in the city itself. The town isn’t especially large so you can get around most of it on foot, with Larnaca Promenade on the seafront being particularly pleasant for a stroll.

Larnaca CyprusThe sun drenched island of Cyprus is as famous for its hedonistic nightlife as for its beautiful beaches, clear blue sea and being the birthplace of Aphrodite. Larnaca, on the southeast coast of Cyprus, offers sprawling beaches, a wonderfully mild winter climate, historical sights & museums and a lively, safe nightlife. Larnaca is also the oldest living city on Cyprus and large enough to cater for all your holiday needs. The true culture of Larnaca and Cyprus shines through the whole of the city with daily cultural events organised by the town’s Municipality. Many airlines offers convenient, low cost flights to Larnaca that you can book direct. Larnaca International Airport is located 4 km (2.5 miles) southwest of Larnaca City. The airport has one primary passenger terminal. Departures are accommodated on the upper level, while arrivals at the ground level. A second “VIP terminal” also exists, which is used for visiting Heads of State, some private aviation, and for cargo. The IATA airport code for Larnaca Airport is LCA.

Flight to Larnaca takes about four hours from major European airports. Lots of scheduled and charter airlines service the route, so it’s important to shop around to get the best deals on cheap flights to Larnaca. Cyprus is blessed with a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters so anytime is a good time to visit. You can find flights to Larnaca all year round (summer holidays, winter holidays, Christmas holidays and Xmas holidays, half term holidays, Easter holidays) include January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December. However, during summer flights to Larnaca can be expensive so it pays to compare flight deals to find the best prices and book in advance. Over 39,628 passengers can travel out of Larnaca, CY every week.